Department of Biochemistry:

The department has accommodation for the teaching and non teaching staff; a 60 seater demonstration room with audio visual aids; a 160 sqm. practical laboratory to accommodate 50 students with a 20 sqm. preparation room; library cum seminar room with adequate books and a 20 sqm. research laboratory.

Teaching methodology includes about 130 lectures, 30 demonstrations, 25 tutorials, 10 seminars & 20 practicals.

The 60 sqm. service laboratory is controlled and supervised by the departmental staff and has facilities for testing blood sugar, renal function tests, liver function tests, enzyme studies, lipid profile, electrolytes, CSF analysis and electrophoresis.

Besides routine equipment, instruments, glass ware and chemicals the department has binocular microscopes, RA-50 chemistry analyzer, spectrophotometers, flame photometers, polarimeter, Ph meters, colorimeters, sodium vapour lamp, hot air ovens, incubators, refrigerators, densitometers, electric sterilizers, magnetic stirrer, deionizers, water baths & stills, micro balances, centrifuge, blenders, chromatography tank, electrophoresis tank, distillation apparatus, heating mantle and automatic glassware washers.

Our Infrastructure encompasses

1. A well furnished Students Practical Laboratory (244 sq.m), that can house 60 Students capacity simultaneously during the Practical hours along with Preparation and Store rooms.
2. Two spacious Demo Halls with a seating capacity of 100 Students per Demo (89 sq.m) provided with Imported LCD projector.
3. A well aerated faculty and staff rooms; along with a Departmental office room that stations all the vital documents.
4. Department Library cum Seminar room:A posh executive style furnished Library Cum Seminar room(30.4 sq.m) that houses 100 books of national and international authors. It has all the required latest edition of biochemistry books as well as reference books related to the subjects for the need of UG students, postgraduates and faculty members.
5. Research Laboratory:A well equipped Research Laboratory (59 sq.m) that quenches our thirst for creativity and intellectual updates in the field of medicine through our research activities.UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER, ELECTROPHORESIS APPARATUS, FLAME PHOTOMETER, CHROMATOGRAPHY, etc…
6. Separate refresh/rest room for staff (male/female).
7. Enforcement of systematic and meticulous planning and execution of the effective strategies that caters to all the needy patients who require thorough biochemical investigations with the help of high-tech modern and sophisticated equipments at our Central Biochemistry Laboratory.
The aforementioned contents are elaborated and put into effective functioning round the clock that immensely benefits the patients, students, faculties and staff enriching the health, minds and brains in a holistic way.


• Students Practical Laboratory
• One Research laboratory
• Library room cum seminar room.
• Two Demonstration Rooms
• One Central Clinical Laboratory.
• Audio Visual Aids: LCD, Clinical charts, OHP
• Internet.


Dr. Aarti Karnik – Professor & HOD
1. Studies of Primary and Secondary Immuno deficienciesin Human.
2. Studies of public relation activities of Indian medical association.
3. Analysis of services rendered by central clinical laboratory.

DR R. A. Ghone -Professor

1. A study of oxidative stress in malnutrition.
2. A study of oxidative stress and disturbances in antioxidant balance in beta thalassemia major patients.

Dr. NilmaPatil – Assistant Professor

1. Association of hs-crp and TFT in severity of preeclampsia.

Mr. T. Ilanchezhian – Assistant Professor

1. Comparison of two methods of estimation of LDL cholesterol, the direct versus Friedewald estimation in secondary hyperlipidemia.

Dr.Aarti Karnik-Mahale - Vice-Prinicipal&Professor & HOD
Conference Attended:

1. 3rd Conference of Indian Association of Pathologist and Microbiologists on 28thFeb 1987 at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Indore.
2. 37th conference of Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists on 19th Dec.1988 at Calcutta.
3. 5th Convention of Indian Virological Society and National Symposium on “Epidemiology of Viral Diseases held on 17th to 20th Oct.1989 at CPRI Shimla.
4. Indian Association of Pathologists and GMC on 19th Feb 1990 at Bhopal.
5. Immunological status in Chronic Pulmunory tuberculosis in Research society of Choithram Hospital and Research center on 20th march 1990.Indore.

DR R. A. GHONE - Professor.
Conference Attended:

1. 3rd Annual Conference of Medical Research Society in Dr. V.M.Govt. Medical College, at Solapur.2006
2. 4th Annual Conference of Medical Research Society in Dr. V.M.Govt. Medical College, at Solapur.2007
3. 33rd National Conference of Association of ClinicalBiochemists of India in AFMC, at Pune.2006
4. 34th National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India in Delhi.2007
5. 35th National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India in calcutta.2008.
6. 36th National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India in Cochin.2009
7. 38th National Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India at Gwalior.2011
8.National Research Conference 2020 under the aegis of MUHS Nashik held on 05th March 2020. Ahmednagar.

MR. T. ILANCHEZHIAN., Asstt. Professor.
Conference Attended:

1. 40th “National conference of Association of clinical Biochemists of India” at PUSA, New Delhi 2013.
2. National Conference – “CARDIOLIPICON” on 03th May 2019, held at SRM Medical College and Research Centre. Chennai.
3. National Level Conference on “Innovations in Biotechnology -2010”at SRM University, Chennai.
4. CSIR – ICMR Sponsored International Congress on “Nutrition in Cardiovascular diseases (Healthy Heart’10”) at SRM University, Chennai.
5. National conferenceon“INBORN ERRORS OF METABOLISM”, 7th April 2016, held at Shree Balaji Medical College and Research Centre. Chennai.
6. International Conference on “Recent Advances in Modern Medicine: molecular scenarios in tissues and diseases”, 3 and 4th September 2016 held at ShriSathyaSai Medical College and Research Centre. Chennai.
7. International Conference on Environment and Health in Changing Climate” on 14 to 16th September 2016, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.

DR. NILMA PATIL, Asstt. Professor.
Conference Attended:

1. Ambicon 2012 December in Bhuvneshwarodisha.
2. AMBI-BIOCON 2015 Feb at LTMC sion.

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