Sports and Gymnasium

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Sports and Gymnasium Facilities

 College has different Indoor and outdoor facilities to support physical and recreational requirements of staff and students

Indoor Facilities

Indoor Games

Sr No




Table tennis



Carom Board






Conventional Gymnasium Facility

A well equipped indoor gymnasium is available in college campus for students as well as staff


Indoor auditorium

For celebration of different cultural events within campus, auditorium  is available in the institute.


 Outdoor Sports facility

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 508.8 Sq M



81.74 Sq M


Kho- Kho

432 Sq M



14,700 Sq M


Outdoor Lawns

College is having 4 outdoor lawns with greenery which are utilized for celebration of different sports and cultural events during annual functions as well as other functions.

Sports Facility

  • College has a adequate  sports ground in the campus  which is spacious enough for playing cricket, volley ball, football & athletics events.
  • The playground is spread over the area of  9843.18 sq.m.
  • There is a sports room with adequate furniture for storage of sports equipments.
  • Facilities for indoor games are also provided such as carom, chess and table tennis.
  • The Institution provides ample opportunities for the students to take part in all indoor and outdoor sports activities.  Institutional Sports Competitions are held each year which is a mega event. Competitions  occurs among different batches to clinch the much coveted trophies
  • As a part of holistic development, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are  also encouraged.

Gymnasium Facility

  • The college has a well-equipped gymnasium which is kept open throughout the day. The major equipments available includes: Treadmill, Bicycle, Dumbbells, Rack, Abdominal exerciser, and Parallel bar.
  • Separate timing slots are allotted for boys , girls as well as staff members for utilization of gymnasium facility
  • The institute has adopted the well proven eastern philosophy to physical and mental well being and is focused on proactive, self directed self-care through meditation, breathing exercises, yoga etc.
  • The physical health of students and staff is maintained by encouraging yoga, Students are sensitized to the concept of Yoga for healthy living in the orientation program. For this separate Yoga centre is established in campus.
  • User rate for Gymnasium and Yoga center is 70%.
  • Institute also celebrates Yoga day every year.
  • Institute students and few faculties also organized a social activity that sensitizes the rural students for the importance of yoga.

Cultural Facility

Facility of Auditorium

  • Management has provided central facility viz. HIRE BHAWAN to conduct various cultural events
  • Central air conditioned auditorium with sitting area of 250-300 people is also available with comfortable seats & all audio visual  aids for conducting some cultural events.
  • Various competitions are organized in annual functions e.g., Calligraphy, extempore, rangoli, flower decoration, poster making, painting etc every year for encouraging students towards cultural activities and to provide a platform to the students for their hidden talents. Students also participate in various intra- college & inter college cultural competitions