The teaching departments have following laboratories as per the requirements of MCI.


Practical Laboratory [225 sq.M]


Experimental Physiology

Hematology Lab

Biochemistry Lab

Clinical Pharmacology

Microbiology Lab

Practical Laboratory [90 sq.M]

Clinical Physiology

Mammalian Physiology Lab

Service Labs of Microbiology 35 sq.M

Bacteriology Lab

Serology Lab

Virology Lab

Parasitology Lab

Mycology Lab

Tuberculosis Lab

Immunology Lab

Media Preparation & Storage Room [20 Sq.M]

Autoclaving Room [12 Sq.M]

Washing & Drying Room [12 Sq.M]



  • The Laboratories have been upgraded with regards to area, facilities and working table adequate for 150 admissions per year.
  • The equipments and instruments of the laboratories have also been replaced with equipments with advance technology.