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International  Student Cell

 ACPM Medical College is committed to complete development of all the students which have joined this institute. It is the an efforts undertaken by the institute to provide  national band international platform as measure to create awareness about program conducted at our college and promote admission of international student under 15% NRI Quota. we are also exploring possibilities to communicates with embassies, foreign universities for deputation/sponsor/students for internship, student exchange program and undertake training in elective of program of the college prescribed by statutory authorities for overseas students for their knowledge and skill enhancement.

We are also seeking expression of interest from interested teaching institutes/universities/ consulting group for collaboration in areas of carer guidance counseling, mentoring for progressionIn to higher course and dissemination of specialized skill based training in health care order to provide global opportunities for medical students.

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  • To make aware the students about career opportunities in overseas.
  • To collect the data about online and offline courses, research activities and resident fellowship programs of various foreign universities.
  • To provide academic support for preparation of such courses.
  • To highlights the opportunity for short term fellowship and externship for advanced medical & surgical skills available in foreign countries.
  • To sign with multiple foreign universities and hospitals for student and faculty training program.
  • To make available scholarship/freeship for international university admission.
 Information of admission in ACPM Medical College, Dhule for International students through NRI Quota

For Admission under NRI/Institutional Quota for MD/MS, please refer brochure of For PG NEET 2022-23 and for MBBS admission, to UG NEET 2022-23

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For Admission under NRI/Institutional Quota for MD/MS, please refer brochure of For PG NEET 2022-23

 Information of admission to Higher education in foreign universities

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