Clinical Skill Laboratory

Clinical Skills Laboratory

Training program at JMF’s ACPM Medical College focuses on enabling both its undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to attain comprehensive competency of appropriate level to deliver medical and health care. The students are trained from the beginning to inculcate the essential attributes of application of knowledge while skill-fully treating the patients, providing health care with compassion, communicating appropriately, and providing leadership to the health care team. Clinical Skill Laboratory provides hands-on learning experiences to the medical fraternity for the practice of clinical skills, which are deemed essential for the effective and safe management of patients prior to facing real patient population.

Basic Skill equipments were used by various departments since 2006. In 2019 - 2020, the Skill Laboratory has been upgraded in a purpose designed to optimally use the lifesaving skills and expertise. In addition to commercially available manikins, the faculty has made various improvised modules to facilitate learning process

Faculty members are trained by Sandor Medicaid Pvt. Ltd., Hydrabad under the ‘’Training the Trainers Program’’ as well as by the college organized programs on skill enhancement trainings. Utilization of the Laboratory by various departments is by booking slots as required, through the skill lab in charge.


A centre of excellence in learning basic and advanced skills so as to enable health care profession students to be competent in delivering the health care needs effectively and skillfully.


1) To train and develop necessary clinical skills in medical undergraduate, post graduate students as per needs and competency statements of various courses.

2) To train and certify the learners and faculty necessary for conducting training programs

3) To provide effective cognitive, Procedural and communication skills to students and time for hands on Mannequins and self assessment in supervised environment

4) To develop and act as a resource center for such activities and co ordinate between various departments for effective delivery of skill training.

5) To provide skillful health care providers which will serve the community effectively.