Department of Biochemistry


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1) To train the undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and research scholars in academics, research and laboratory medicine.

2) To provide accurate and precise laboratory reports aiding in complete evaluation and total management of patients

3) To promote research activities among students and faculty


 1) To teach biochemical process and reactions in the human body and recognize relevance of this process in diagnosis, patient care and treatment.

2) To train the UG and PG in practical skills of biochemical investigations and interpretation of the same in solving Clinical Problems.

3) To organize integrated teaching for complete understanding of various concepts in medicine.

4) To train postgraduates in teaching skills by encouraging to participate in UG teaching and presentation of seminars.

5) To conduct journal review meetings and critically analyze the original research.

6) To train postgraduate students in techniques of laboratory medicine, clinical interpretation of laboratory findings and clinical case discussion.

7) To organize CME, guest lectures, conference and workshop etc, to update students and faculty in recent biochemical concepts

8) To provide quality laboratory services to the society.

9) To encourage and facilitate the students and faculty to actively participate in clinical research.