Vision & Mission


We have a responsibility to educate medical students to meet the primary and specialty health care needs of the region by providing highly skilled, cost effective, patient-centered care in a variety of settings.



1) To provide the finest education to the medical students, to deliver quality health care to all sections of society.

2) To develop as a regionally recognized leader in education through innovation and excellence.

3) To provide the community with a diverse cadre of highly-trained professionals capable of performing in a wide variety of clinical settings.

4) Faculty and graduates will contribute to the community by being active in social and health-care endeavors that promote the health and well being of the community.

Core  Values 

1) Commit to excellence in all that we do.

2) Show total unconditional regard for all patients.

3) Demonstrate respect for each patient's person, privacy, culture, beliefs, and rights

4) Exhibit compassion for those entrusted to our care.

5) Treat other members of the health care team in a professional manner