College Council

   College council Minutes 2022

                                                                                                    College Council

College council serves as the chief academic policy advisory body in all components of governance of the college and hospital to ensure quality medical education, safe patient health care services, extension-outreach program envisaged by state or central government health programs, collaborations and establish academic -industry and research establishment matters relating to academic budgeting, curriculum revision and development, academic program planning, academic standards, the graduate program, and faculty research and all other development activities.

Functions of the College Council:

1. Development of academic policy advisory body in matters relating to academic budgeting, curriculum revision and planning & implementation of  academic program, compliance of academic standards stipulated by statutory council/university for the graduate and postgraduate program, and faculty development, promote research, innovation and incubation, and all other outreach/extension program align with vision and mission of the college after implementation of initiative for improvement of quality in medical education and patient care.

2. Review and discussion of policies, procedures and practices that involve collaboration and coordination amongst the departments and divisions, other institution, industry to establish academia-industry relationship to promote quality of life of community.

3. Overall supervision of institutional participatory governance and propose initiatives in Governance at par with global advancement.

4. Exercise such other powers & duties assigns/arises to perform and  advise the Management committee of the College on governance.

Composition: in pursuances of Norms of affiliating University/Statutory council

Meeting: Every three months in Academic Year


                                                                                                College Council Committee