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               Postgraduate NBEMS Program [Proposed]

Application for seeking fresh accreditation in specialities applied in June 2023.

1. Otorhinolaryngology

2. Respiratory Medicine

3. Psychiatry

4. Emergency Medicine


The faculty for the program has already been appointed in each speciality with requisite eligibility as per the norms of NEBEMS, New Delhi

The application for pre-accreditation scrutiny is under process for some of the speciality. 

The teaching training facilities in each specialities and resources material for DNB trainee have been upgraded with advanced technology.

Initiatives for quality and effective delivery including periodic continuous self assessment for attainment of program outcomes as per the NBE Curriculum have been developed and approved by the Managing committee for implementation.

Cross-cutting issues relevant to speciality has also been identified and teaching-learning plan has been designed.

Digital log book is also developed for real time monitoring to ensure attainment of medical attributes

Carer development workshop program for hands on training to as reinforce activities for faculty, residents and paramedical staff in small group has been designed covering "safety in Patient services" auto-mode system to ensure functional facilities, implementation of citizen charter, robust use of IT enable teaching learning process and facilities of central skill lab, hospital infection control monitoring, follow golden hour principle in patient care services, Biomedical waste management SOP prescribed by competent authority of the state.

Structured quantitative framework for approval of research synopsis approval as well as Ethical approval is developed w.e.f.2023-24 for thesis protocol.

The IQAC has identified some areas and planning the measures to be undertaken. the process is going on and would be approved shortly.

Details of each speciality information is enclosed herewith.

Application for seeking fresh accreditation from NBEMS in anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Community Medicine have been prepared and will be submitted before prescribed date for submission.

Detailed Infrastructural Audit of anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Community Medicine have been carried out for upgrdation.

DNB Program