Employee Self Assessment & Appraisal

   Non teaching Appraisal Report

                  Revised Policy for Self Appraisal & Analysis

                                                                                               [w.e.f. A.Y.2023-24]

1.     AIMS and Objectives

The structured appraisal form for quantification of performance of employee serves as tool for determination of key perform index [KPI]. Thus KPI shall be determinant numerical value for individual for self-appraisal , which includes  performance at work place, professionalism, competence, compliance of code of conduct, contribution to growth of department, setting balance score card [Benchmark to be achieved] for the academic year,research project with translation value, contribution in improvement  annual increment/ performance allowance, promotion to higher post, motivation for excellence, and undertake initiatives for professional support to enhance the performance of the employee with lower KPI. Hence the Annual performance appraisal based on KPI would help the employee in reward heir professional roles and opportunities to improve their performance.

The employees are given opportunity to self-appraisal  and subjected to evaluation by head of the department / section head and final evaluation by the head of the institution. The evaluation system was discussed in IQAC and recommended by College Council and approved by Local Managing Committee.

2.     Objectives of the performance based key perform index [PBKPI]:

a)     Linking of individual performance and initiatives for improvement in pursuance of Institutional vision and mission

b)    Quantification of performance in terms of academic, research and administrative responsibility compliances.

c)     Recognition of self-appraisal , areas of improvement in performance at work place, annual increment/performance allowance, promotion to higher post, motivation for excellence, and undertake initiatives for professional support mechanisms to enhance the performance of the employee with lower KPI.

d)    Use of objective, structured with numerical quantification and transparent process

3.     Criteria for grading the employee based KPI score

a)     Category-A                 KPI Score= more than 80% to 90%

b)    Category-B                 KPI Score= more than 60% to  80%

c)     Category-C                 KPI Score= more than 50% to 60%

d)    Category-D                 KPI Score= less than 50%






4.     Standard Operating Procedure  for Implementation:

a)     The document for Annual performance appraisal based on key perform index [KPI] was circulated and uploaded on the college website for information of all the employees.

b)    A structured with measurable objective questions through google form is uploaded on College website and all the employees of the college [faculty, paramedical staff and support staff were asked to fill the google form within prescribed duration.

c)     Each items was allotted maximum marks as per options mention without the knowledge of the employee.

d)    Items are categorised in terms of Academic performance, research publication and active participation in research leadership, government funding of research project, peer and student behavioural attitude. Participation in administrative contribution.

e)     After prescribed duration data collected by IT admin was subjected to determination of KPI and submitted to college Appraisal committee. Grading of employee was done and informed to the individual employee with confidentiality by the HR department with comments for information and necessary action for next academic year.

5.     Outcomes of Annual performance appraisal based on key perform index:

a)     Outcome on Impact on academic outcomes: satisfactory feedback from student, medical professionals, faculty, employers, ACPM Alumni, parents rated excellent. There was no grading for poor.

b)    Outcome of Impact on research publications: increase in research publications as per guidelines of indexing of NMC enhanced significantly.

c)     Outcome of Impact on research leadership and funding of research project: Outcome was not very encouraging and need to evolve motivating the faculty by identifying areas of challenges.

d)    Outcome of Impact on Administrative responsibility. Enhanced participation of faculty, non-teaching, and students in administrative process and support to implementation of reform in e-governance.

e) Faculty apprised themselves and motivated for developing quantificatitative initiatives after self assessment.



All the Faculty are requested to fill the Form by clicking the link:https://forms.gle/7CpF74z3G5h851wc6


2. Non-Teaching staff Appraisal for A.Y. 2021-22: https://forms.gle/LqD37x4FyoT1Jfwv5