Local Managing Committee

   Minutes of Meeting 25 07 2023

   Minutes of meeting of Local Managing Committee

                                                                                     Local Managing Committee 


The Local Managing Committee of JMF’s ACPM Medical College & Hospital, Dhule has been reconstituted w.e.f. 01.08.2023 according to the guidelines of affiliating University i.e. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, M.S.

Composition of Local Managing Committee:

1. Chairman shall be the Chairman of the Jawahar Medical foundation or person nominated by the board of Trust.

2.     Vice-chairman shall be the Secretary of the Jawahar Medical foundation or person nominated by the board of Trust.

3.     Member Secretary shall be the Dean of Medical College

4.      Three members  nominated by the Jawahar Medical foundation governing body.

5.     Two senior faculty of the College as Members nominated by the Dean

6.     IQAC Coordinator shall be member as ex-officio

7.     One employee nominated by the Dean

8.     One representative each from HR section, Student Section and Account Section as invitee member.

9.     One representative nominated by the Dean from Industry.

10.  Administrative officer of the College as Member

11.   One Student Representative nominated by Dean amongst Student Council

Meetings: The Local Managing Committee essentially shall meet every quarter of the academic year. However special meeting may be called with 7 days’ notice to consider pre-circulated agenda with the permission of Chairman.

Quorum of the meeting: more than 50% members shall authorized to conduct business of meeting. But in absence of the 50% members, Meeting may be adjourned for 1 hours and resume the meeting again. The resolution of the meeting shall be deemed to be approved by all members.

Scope of function:

1. To approve the accept, modify, rejects the recommendations of all committee with citing reasons regarding feasibility, cost-outcome analysis, linear growth of the college/ department/hospital services and quality improvement. The Governing Body of Jawahar Medical Foundation shall be the final authority for decision making process.

2. To approve the annual budget provision for the prospective academic year

3. To approve the prospective plan for expansion and compliance of statutory regulation.

4. To seek status report of implementation of measures for expansion and quality improvement.

5. To approve and periodical monitor the action taken measures for teaching learning activities, optimal mobilization and utilization of financial resources, redressal of grievances of employees and student, enhance quality research activities, promotion of professional and social values, women empowerment, outreach and extension activities of health care services and any other necessary action.

                            Local Managing Committee [w.e.f. 01.08.2023]

1. Shri Kunal R. Patil                                                               Chairman

2. Dr Mrs Mamta S Patil                                                          Vice Chairman

3. Mrs Sangeeta N Patil                                                          Member

4. Shri Pramod Jain                                                                Member

5. Dr Shailendra R. Patil                                                         Member

6. Dr Dilip R Patil                                                                   Member 

7. Dr R.V.Patil                                                                        Member

8. IQAC- Coordinator [Ex-offcio]                                              Member

9. Representative of HR Section                                               Member  [invitee]

10.Representative of Student Section                                       Member [invitee]

11.Representative of Account Section                                       Member [invitee]

12.Mr. Rakesh Kakuste [Administration]                                    Member

13.Mr. Vivek Patil [Industry Representative]                              Member

14. Mr Nanasaheb Marathe [Non-teaching Representative]         Member

15. Robin Singh [student representative]                                  Member

16. Dean [Ex-offcio]                                                                Member Secretary                 

Meeting of Local Management Committee