Mentor Mentee Program



A mentoring relationship is one of the interactive ways of informal/long-term discussion frequently to identify the challenges & strength of mentee and provide possible ways to resolve their issues. During this process the mentor (faculty member) resolve/addresses academic/social/ psychological and co-curricular issues highlighting their strength for positive experiences, knowledge, skills and /or wisdom, information, guidance, support or opportunity to students for building Holistic professional development and motivation.


Objectives of mentoring relationship program

1. Consists of three components: emotional and psychological support, direct assistance with career and professional development, and role modeling

2. Derive emotional or tangible benefits for both mentor and mentee

3. Direct interaction in personal environment settings

4. Emphasizes the mentor’s  greater  experience, influence, and achievement within a organization


Responsibilities of Mentor:

Commitment towards mentee

1. Provides resources, experts opinion, and source materials in the field enable to address the academic and co-curricular issues of mentee

2. Offers guidance and direction regarding professional issues

3. Encourages mentee for their ideas and work

4. Provides constructive and useful critiques of the mentee’s work

5. Challenges the mentee to expand his or her abilities to explore new arena of skill learning


Module for mentor mentee meeting:

 1.There should be at least four or more if desired by mentee meetings in a year.

 2.Preferably one meeting at the end of three months

 3. Frequency can be more than the minimum required.

 4. A diary should be maintained by mentee for visits with mentors.

Evaluation  of effectiveness of Mentorship Programme for 2022-23 through feedback by clicking this link:

Format of mentor mentee meeting

 Name of Mentor:

 Name of Mentee:                                                    Batch: -                                Roll No.

Sr. No.


Issue discussed



Sign of Mentee

Sign of mentor








































Mentor Mentee Program