Value Added Course

   Embalming attendance of students 2022 23

   Electrophysiology 2022 23

   Value base course epidemiology 2022 23

   Value dded course of biochemistry 2022 23

   Communication skill 22022 23

   BMW practice Course 2022 23

   Dissection Skill Course 2022 23

   Basic Suring Skill 2022 23

   HIC Course 2022 23

                                 Value Added Courses

In pursuance to transformation of our vision & mission, the college adopted multiple approaches enrich the knowledge and application of multiple  cross cutting issues while imparting CBME Curriculum.

These value based  courses designed in alignment of recommendation of multidisciplinary self-paced skill based skill training learning environment objective of NEP-2020. These short-term course of 24 to 40  hours aimed For medical graduates, postgraduates, technical staff and resident doctors on hybrid mode online/offline through ACPM virtual classroom for skill training to provide self-paced environment learning . This value-added courses  intended to enrich  the analytical and comprehensive skills of medical personnel. The achievement of desired medical attribute expected to enhanced capability to address the challenges of medical professional practice.

The valued based modules are designed to enrichment of curriculum with multiple cross cutting issues e.g. professional ethics, human values, health determinants, and demographic factors affecting health care, spreads over total duration of MBBS/MD program, while imparting AETCOM Module and foundation courses.

In addition to above, Seminars, guest lectures, workshops organised on critical emerging issues organized by the relevant departments of colleges for sensitization of the students during their regular curricular program to achieve holistic development of students.

List of Value Added Courses in the Year 2022-23


Advanced and Basic Life support Cours

Basic Epidemiology Course 

Bio medical waste Management Course

Basic Suturing Skills

Basic Laboratory skill, Embalming, Electrophysiology and Quality Contro

Communication skills in Doctor patient Dyad

Hospital infection and control Practices

Dissection skill of Head and Neck

Basic Laboratory skill in Clinical Patholog